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Around 2005, Will had 997 of his favorite slides scanned. However, the copy we have has the slides in a rather random order, so we've attempted to group the photographs by place. So here are some of his many photographs.

Amherst (Shutterfly)

Funland (Shutterfly)

Will built a cabin in Hawley MA, and when he asked his kids to name it, they chose 'Funland' because it was so fun. The cabin was built out of logs he had planted as a child at the family retreat in Sheffield MA. He later built a sugar house at Funland.

Alaska (Shutterfly)

As Will's father worked in Alaska for about 3 years, Will drove to Alaska for the summers of 1948 and 1953. Later, around 1957-1958 Will served in the Indian Health Service in Alaska, in Bethel and on Saint Paul Island in the middle of the Bering Sea.

Nature Photography (Shutterfly)

Will was an accomplished photographer, and he won several prizes in contest held by the local photography club.

Sheffield (Shutterfly)

Merryfield Farm in Sheffield MA had been in the Weeks family since 1912. This is where Will built his first log cabin, and later organized and directed deer and turkey hunts. He also built a pond for us all to enjoy. Merryfield Farm remained in the family for 92 years.

Cuba (Shutterfly)

Will trained in Tropical Medicine in Cuba about a year before Castro took over.

Out West (Shutterfly)

Will spent a lot of time out West: he served with the Indian Health Service in North Dakota and Arizona. Will and Bev took a trip out West in the summer of 1960 - they fixed up their old station wagon with a sleeping platform in the back and a drawer that pulled out with their kitchen stuff. Later, in the summer of 1978, Will, Bev, Dan, and Ginny drove across the country together.

Hunting (Shutterfly)

Fishing (Shutterfly)

Maine fishing trip and Jeffrey Hughes (Shutterfly)

Jeffrey Hughes rented a room from the Weeks family starting in 1972 while he was attending college in Amherst. Jeffrey and Will bonded over fishing and hunting. They took Dan and his best friend, Ned Gordon, on a camping/fishing trip to a remote lake in Maine during black fly season.