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Will had quite a collection of stories that he loved to tell. Here is a selection of them, recorded in 1999.

The Slippery Baby story: File:TheSlipperyBaby.mp3
The dentist and Al Capone: File:DentistAlCapone.mp3
Gun smuggler: File:GunSmuggler.mp3
The duel: File:TheDuel.mp3
Elinor's baptism: File:TheBaptism.mp3
Sheldon and the steering wheel: File:Sheldon.mp3
Will's police record: File:PoliceRecord.mp3
Gran at Williams: File:GranAtWilliams.mp3
Don Lee: File:DonLee.mp3
Gran and Uncle Warren: File:Gran.mp3
The cookie sack: File:TheCookieSack.mp3
Gran and the pears: File:GranAndThePears.mp3
Will's first cabin (at age 13): File:TheFirstCabin.mp3
Ellie and the caterpillars: File:EllieAndTheCaterpillar.mp3
Ice fishing: File:IceFishing.mp3
Profanity: File:Profanity.mp3
Fishing for a cow moose: File:CowMooseFishing.mp3
Folboating in 8 foot surf: File:FolboatingInTheSurf.mp3
Fishing above the waterfall: File:TheWaterfall.mp3
The pitchfork: File:ThePitchfork.mp3
Sheldon and the scissors: File:TheScissors.mp3
The swing and the arrow: File:TheSwingAndTheArrow.mp3
Rusty Chandler: File:RustyChandler.mp3
The faith healing: File:TheFaithHealing.mp3
Near death experiences: File:NearDeathExperiences.mp3
Fish stories of the big ones: File:TheBigOnes.mp3
White water canoeing, in very cold water: File:WhiteWaterCanoeing.mp3
The beauty of the reindeer herd: File:TheReindeer.mp3