Overheard on the boardwalk at Magee Marsh
May 13, 2012
Mary Jo Weeks

flew up
flew down
sat in same place
straight out
I saw him earlier
cypress tree at 9 o'clock
high or low
just popped out
just jumped up
not this trunk
not yet
I saw it yesterday but not that good
rumored golden-winged
did you get anything
what's down there
they got an alert
did you get the tweet
we heard it but seeing's better
he's out in front
that window on the left
did he just move
where is he
he might be coming up a little bit higher
you see it now
I got
top back
up high actually
wait it out
see what happens
not a good spot
right there
about 2 minutes ago
let someone else see
too crowded
too many
diana saw it
pam still trying
here you go
that's a good one
he's not good enough today
is she the one kind of preening
stupid midges
don't bite
do the birds eat them
where'd she go
i know but where
should have brought gloves
colder than i thought
warmer than i thought
get colder
get warmer
should have brought
wish i had
i forgot
see you when i see you
new for this trip
it's hard to see
way back
on the other side
smart to have your jacket
up near the top at 11 o'clock
see how red he is
so beautiful
so yellow
so orange
so big
so small
so fuzzy
right of the big tree
there's 2 now
2 in one view
in the same tree
flew down a little
to the left
more on this side
something at 9 o'clock
near the pond
uh oh
oh yea
ah huh
something just dropped
I use to see a lot of them
is this early or something
it was a beautiful view
i'm tone deaf
2 parallel branches
it just took off
colder than i thought
supposedly there and came this way
great habitat for it
it could be anywhere out here
poison ivy
saw that before
dames rocket
wild ginger
what's that
dogwood maybe
did you say a green heron
it's got a lot of squeaky noise in it
it seems like we walked a mile
at number 9
i think there were 2
is there anything good over here
not that swainsons
it was or it wasn't
i don't know if they do
it's kinda slow
saw it move
didn't get a good view
it never showed again
3 sandhill cranes
over the parking lot
yea i have to see him
this was the famous tree last night
i haven't identified it yet
up there
top of tree
one hour ago
that's the female
male or female
they're gone right now
everyone saw the kirtland's but me
i got here late
he got a picture
watched for over an hour last night
that was kinda cool
just another female red-winged blackbird
taunting us
what are we looking at
which tree
are you on it
head sticking right up
ahh here it is to the right
are you on it
to the right of that tree
sitting right on it
head sticking right up
to the back
out in the open
which branch that goes left
i have no idea
which tree
keep talking
leans left
dead branches in there
tell us
getting no information here
around the bush
low in
what bird are we looking for
back in there someplace
call it in
i got a really good look
just wait and see
didn't hear it that time
when i first came up here
you saw it right
park and just watch
out this way
do you want to see the baby owl again
they had a scope on it
way over on that side
is this going back to the car
i'm going for lunch
i don't think it's going to happen
how far is that bench
right here
i don't know what that is
right on that branch
what do you have
right up in the middle
take a picture
you have your camera
did we pass the place for the owls
we've got about 30 minutes
too cold
too hot
too fast
too slow
too much
see this tree going this way
this first tree
there he is
that's good looking
now he's back out
in clear view
way back
rusty cap
pumping its tail
flicking his tail
fanning his tail
not bright yellow
yellow breast
white striped
by the robin
to the right or left
behind it
did she text you back
there's my phone
call her
it's him
he called
let's go hear it
quite visible
now you can see the orange
didn't see orange
but look at the tail
i could get lost
no more than 50 yards
when's your last day
been here 2 weeks
have to get back
came early
came late
around in here a minute ago
over here now
didn't see any
only one i haven't seen today
i almost saw one
good chance this afternoon
down low there's somebody
sight over your head
good idea
meet you at the car at 12 o'clock
they're so neat
i love them
any news up here
such a tight mob
don't want to stay
not sure this is worth it
it was calling a little bit ago
back in there
just under the green
eye level
5 feet in
really wide open
it moved down a little bit
see the yellow
no i didn't
not this one
you can
really hard to see
it's back in there
seems to be over there
i'm going to go
walk to this end
nice and warm along here
got him
i got him
then i got him again
have we seen one of those
let's try to get a new one
what was that
birding by phone
the black cherry tree
come down this way
don't have it
don't see it
it just said pee wee
he wants to be a canadian
the first branch coming out
where it's coming out
that's better
almost like a tit mouse eye
come on preen for us
somewhere around here
800 people down here
near the golden-wing
you don't get to hear them usually
he's really pretty
spots on the wing
that's what i saw
can't be certain
it looked more like this
that's the female
that's a new bird
i saw it
oh nice
very excited
good for you
let's give someone else a chance
catching bugs
i see him but i can't find him
did you see him
that sounds like...
good luck getting down
somewhere down there
a tree down there
move to the right
he's calling
to the right of this tree that bends to the left
right in that log
got him
singing loudly
did i see movement
he just turned around now
i haven't either
i'm sure
right there
not that yellow
not coming out
i've seen them all day
sitting right on that open log
that's pretty good
next month
they'll be there
they nest there
what do you see
i don't know
must be a spring male
out in the open
the other one
see the one on the right
he's inside now
flew up
stopped moving
dead center
4 o'clock
just moved down from the top
i lost him
then you probably did see it
going down the vine
to the right
it's too hard
is that the bird i see sitting there
well it was exciting for a minute
look for movement in the general area
it had wing bars
more than yesterday
midge for lunch
sun's coming out
oh good
oh no
oh yes
it was back there but now i don't see it
not the tree in front
one that's really viney
do you see it now
it's right there
there it is
what's that on top
the tree behind it
a limb about that long
on top of this tangle
they were in here yesterday
apparently not
did you see the babies
i missed it all
now it's more to the right
green in front of it
not right this second
they don't bite
all over the car
lots of activity
what's here
still haven't seen 3 or 4 i saw yesterday
still haven't seen the one i thought i'd seen
ahh ok there it is
oh yeah
i see
i don't see
we just ate
we brought lunch
we ate early
i had one yesterday
not many around
hedge row so heavy
checking report
nobody else has seen it
all the way down
i should know that call
it's still in there
got to be around here
it really is
you got him
all the way down
i should know that call
nice look at him
we saw them last year
could have been a female
look at the other book
what kind is that
they've been seen today
it might have been
might not have been
let's go this way
he was there a couple days then took off
that's cool
did you see him
see what
that branch that goes like this
brownish wings
i'm still missing...
we saw this yesterday
got a picture
at least i was with someone who saw a canada warbler
maybe you can photoshop it
you have to look at this one
didn't know what kind it was
it's that way
the right spot
happen to be looking
got a belly shot
see you around
good luck
what kind just moved left
eye level
back in the back
see movement there
down way low
not a big list
oh nice
which way
down this way
it was heard by many
seen by only a couple of people
i need a canada warbler
out over the water look
you're looking the wrong direction
come on camera
come on redstart
they don't stay still
but not quite
you don't know
i got movement
we don't know
we're not sure
what have you got
listen with your ears
up here
something fly
sounds different
i did see one
we had one a week and a half ago
let's find the damn thing
oh oh oh
come on bird
lots of vegetation
4th year in a row
good eye
that's good
waiting for a tadpole
like that tree
lots of bugs
you lost that one
way in the back
is that a nest
no it's not a nest
find that tree on the other side
in the y
i think i see it
what do we have here
i think it's a female
i can see with my naked eye
i can see the fuzz
did you find him
so hard to see
look at him
no that's the cardinal
they're bright
oh well
that's what birds do
they've got to be around
big old dead tree
see him or not
or not
i'm not getting both eyes
widen them up
towards the back
just follow the binoculars
oh yea i got him
he must be really tucked in somewhere
back there
the sun should be on it now
i get better luck when i'm not looking
there was a 3rd that might be what i'm looking for
i don't know
good luck
look at how close he is
right there
bare eyes
oh man
couldn't get him
tuna sandwich in the car calling my name
maybe double that
i already saw it
look for the blob
moving his head around
very cool
there's 2 of them
which tree
that dark tree
i need a better camera
why are you carrying those antiques
what number were we at
i have no idea
it looks like a tree
let's see if we can get that canada
sounds good
hard to tell in that light
just popped behind a tree
didn't see the front
how pretty
there's a warbler up here
eagle going right
good spotting
there he is
going down
difficult to see
going right
it's a bird
what are you looking at
hopping around
distant for us
over on the right side
obscured right now
do you know where it is now
down towards where the fork is
was foraging
popped up
the right fork
moving up 5-6 feet
sounds higher up
look at this one
makes sense
right side of that y
putting on a show
didn't pay attention
oh right up there
right there
did you see one today
on this trip
i have yet to see one
there's a ...
it flew down and away
there's 2 up there
one out here too
another one
another one comes
much higher up
went that way
i saw that
it's tricky
they come and go
it's the only song i know
could be...
just flipped up
that female one
it's yellow looking
i seldom see...
they don't stay for long
they're still there
all yellow
in the back
warmer out here
back to the left
going up
it's a female
dropped down
all the way up
you see the movement
want to try there
did you see that
no wing bar
you can watch it sing
above these front leaves
you can see it moving
i see it now
what did you see
they flit around
it's building a little tiny nest
right here right here right here
that's pretty cool
i never saw it
i finally found a bird that would sit still for one minute
it's not a yellow rump
see him preening right there
come on warbler
back this way
don't know where he went
those guys left
just dropped down
one closer
this one's still missing
it was a hole in the list
so pretty
that orange throat
he looks like it
first time i saw it
fill in this hole
come on down
light behind him
hard to see
i always do that my last walk
wherever he was flitting he is unflitting
same as we saw over there
a closer look
try to record a sound
it would be great if they stuck around
how high up are you
they shouldn't be allowed to do that
where you see all the bugs flying around
i saw part of him
see him
every year they're right here
somewhere on the ground
real close
those two limbs
i saw him first
maybe we should find a better spot
something just dropped
it's hard with this light
only a silhouette
i just saw some brown
i wish i had that last night
doesn't have an eye ring
i might go down there right now
get home at midnight
i thought i saw something smaller
are there
they could be out there
we know where we are
is this it
still there
it's a life bird
this is what we do
is this the place
maybe he'll follow us
probably just a magnolia
over in that tree
on the far side
which one
flew way over
could have been yellow
orchard or baltimore
another one over there
i see it i see it i see it
way in the back
which one is that
down in the thing
oriole again
i saw the black poll
now they'll be gone
that's all i saw
you want to get there and look
but he's not here now
looking right straight up
there you go
it's going to land on us
pretty birds
don't see them very often
don't see any robins
now there's a warbler
that spindly tree
never know
i already got hammered
2 good birds here
guess we should mosey back
just behind the trunk
ok i see something
it seems to be happening down there
anything down there
they're not easy
this is slow
yesterday was better
no canada warbler this time

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